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Colour analysis

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What colours to wear

Knowing your best colours along with knowing your body type and proportions is the fundament of your personal makeover and a guarantee that you will always know what to wear. It will give you a good perspective of what colours make you look your best, make you feel amazing and respectively give you confidence. It will also help you gather deeper understanding of your personality and how to express yourself better.

Styledifortuna Colour Analysis include

Understanding the colours that make you look your best
Having the confidence to wear them and knowing how to combine them
Understanding how to make your wardrobe really work for you in your lifestyle
Understanding the rules of dress and the language of clothes so that your appearance helps you achieve your goals

Color is a powerful tool that can make you look younger, more vibrant, healthier, more attractive and sophisticated. On the contrary, if you don’t know what colours work best for you and wear the wrong shades will make you look dull or even sick, older or depressed. Not knowing your best pallet also could result in choosing the wrong make up, hair colour, clothing, or accessories.

Continually the colour analysis session has the greatest impact on the client’s personal style – even the most sceptical. As they embrace wearing those colours that flatter them best and apply a few basic rules for mixing and matching shades, they transform their wardrobe and shopping habits.

Colour Analysis session inspire you to incorporate your optimal colours in your look and give it the ultimate lift.